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For thermal property evaluation of anisotropic and composite material! Thermo Wave Analyzer TA35, which can measure XYZ directions continuously.

I am KATO chan at Osaka Laboratory.
I’m going to introduce “Thermo Wave Analyzer TA” anew.

“Thermal property measurement equipment Thermo Wave Analyzer TA”, main product of Hudson Laboratory, which is not very well-known yet. Just as the name, the equipment to measure “Thermal property (Thermal diffusivity)”

By periodical heating radiation-temperature measuring method, measuring  “Thermal diffusivity” of the material.
What is “Thermal diffusivity”………. “Thermal diffusivity” is the physical property that is usually used to acquire steady-state thermal gradient on heat transfer phenomenon.

We have totally 4 products on line up, from TA31/32 with necessary function to TA35 with full function. This time, I introduce the highest model “TA35”.

TA35 has 3 big characteristic points as follows.
High flexibility on sample shapeAnisotropic sample can be measured Distribution can be seen
1. High flexibi…
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CFRTP has good property for weight reduction and strength. Fiber orientation can be observed by thermal??

I am TAGOO. It has been busy for equipment production and installation from last year end to this spring. At last, I went to the USA. It was my first visit to the USA and I was so nervous that I had bad health. Many people kindly helped me. I appreciate for their help. “Thank you”

This time, I’m going to measure this material.

This is CFRTP, having good property for weight reduction and strength, resin molding mixed with carbon fiber.

Watching carefully, unevenness can be found on the surface. Is this deviation of carbon fiber?

The higher model of Thermo Wave Analyzer “TA35” is suited because I would like to measure distribution.  (Catalog PDF)

Start preparation for measurement.

This is too thick to measure. So I’m going to make thinner. Right now the thickness is 3mm. The target is less than 500μm.

However, 750μm by big effort.

Anyways start measurement.

Bad smell…… Burned by laser.

Try again. Now 365μm.

Clearing …